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1) Spark 


2) Unforgivable 


3) I Wanna Be


4) My Heart 


5) Cupid 


6) Where We Left Off 


7) Generation 


8) Spotlight 


9) My Lullaby 


10) Karaoke 


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Upcoming Projects!

"Welcome To The Real World" Album

Welcome To The Real World is Meg's newest upcoming project. This album will tell her coming-of-age story from her time in South Carolina all the way to her journey back to Austin, TX. It will tell of love, loss, music, and discovery. There will be 10 songs on the album. 

The project is taking place in her sound producer's, Paul Logan's, home studio called Rodeo Mosquito Studio. 

Stay tuned for a release date!

Meg Groves w/ Paul Logan
June 2nd 2022
Project Started January 26th 2022
July 5th 2022
July 20th 2022
Troy Rios (Drummer)
Chris Loyd (Bassit)
unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg
September 23rd 2022
Zach Carney (Acoustic Guitarist)
October 10th 2022
Skeeter VM (Electric Guitarist)
unnamed (3)_edited.jpg
September 7th 2022
Connor Wilson (Harmonica)
February 12th 2023
Ian Stewert (Fiddle)
Feburary 22nd 2023
Shelley Mier (Pianist)
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